Is a blessing of Shehakol to be said when sucking the salt of sunflower seed shells

  1. Question: [Sunday, 14th Tishreiy, 5783]

I like sucking on the salt that is on sunflower seed shell. Should I say a blessing of Shehakol on the salt, aside for saying a Hadama on the seed?


Yes, a blessings of Shehakol is to recited independently on the salt prior to sucking on the seat.

Explanation: It is a clear ruling in the Mishneh and Poskim, that one who eats salt says the blessing of Shehakol.

Sources: See Admur 204:1; Seder Birchas Hanhenin 7:1; Luach Birchas Hanehnin 10:1;  Mishneh and Gemara Brachos 40a; Michaber 204:1; Birchas Habayis 5:4; Kaf Hachaim 204:6; Piskeiy Teshuvos 204:6

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