Krias Shema

Kerias Shema Sheal Hamita:[1]

On Motzei Shabbos, Tachanun is omitted from Kerias Shema Sheal Hamita[2] when reciting it prior to midnight.[3] When reciting it past midnight Tachanun is recited.

[1] Shaareiy Teshuvah 300/1; Shaareiy Halacha Uminhag 1/125

[2] Regarding reciting Yosheiv Beseiser in Kerias Shema Sheal Hamita on Motzei Shabbos, see Shaar Halacha Uminhag 1/125

[3] As until midnight a ray of Shabbos shines, and on Shabbos we do not say Tachanun. [ibid]

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