“Large Family” Israel fund

Our “Large family Israel” fund

 “I am sorry Mendel, but this year we cant afford to send you to summer camp”

“I am sorry Dini, but we cant currently afford to buy you extra clothing”

“If only I could afford some cleaning help”

The rising levels of inflation and growing costs of basic foods, rent, and services in Israel has been a strain on us all but especially on large families. Understandably, even in normal economic times, raising a family with many children requires the parents to bring in a larger than average income. However, in today’s current economic reality the amount of money required to cover the basic expenses of a large families has become almost unbearable even if both parents have well earning jobs. This then brings us to the purpose of this fund: The purpose of this fund is to help families living in Israel, who have 12 or more children living at home, with their basic living expenses. Monies received in this fund will be used to help subsidize costs of food, tuition, summer camp costs for their children, cleaning help, rent and utilities, and other periodical expenses for such families. Of the many charity funds already in existence for the poor and needy, many of these families do not qualify being that their income is too high, although still not enough to cover all their expenses due to the current economic reality.

The Torah in general and Gedolei Yisrael in particular greatly encourage parents to raise large families and speak of its importance and value. The Rebbe, amongst other Jewish leaders, spoke of the importance of raising large families especially in our times after the Holocaust as a way to take revenge against Hitler Yimach Shemo who attempted to annihilate the Jewish people, and killed over a million Jewish children. Every child a Jewish family brings into the world is another slap in the face to Hitler Yimach Shemo and his final solution. This fund is thus your opportunity to help support and encourage those parents who have taken the daunting task of having many children and repopulate the Jewish people.

Currently, this fund is only meant for families with 12 or more children living in Israel. If funding permits, the campaign will be expanded also towards families of 10 children or more.

Please donate generously towards this cause.

Rabbi Yaakov Goldstein,

Director of Shulchanaruchharav.com  

Local Rav and Posek in Tzefas, Israel 

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