Laws of Bein Hametzarim-Tishe Beav regarding nursing

* This article is an excerpt from the above Sefer

Bein Hametzarim-Tishe Beav:

A. Eating meat:[1]

Those women who need to eat meat in order to have milk for their child, may be lenient to do so even during the nine days.[2] This applies even to animal meat.[3] Likewise, if a nursing woman feels weak or sick she may be lenient to eat meat.[4] [However, this only applies if other foods cannot supplement the benefits received in eating meat.[5]] Nevertheless, the custom is to be stringent beginning from the 7th of Av[6] unless she feels a strong need for it.[7] Practically, this matter of nursing women eating meat during the nine days is to be given to the discretion of a Rav in order so people don’t come to belittle the matter.[8]

B. Bathing in hot water:[9]

It is permitted for a woman after birth to bathe in hot water for the purpose of lessening her pain even during the nine days.

C. Sitting on regular chair on Tishe Beav:[10]

A woman after birth may sit on a chair on Tishe Beav if it is difficult for her to sit on the floor.[11]

D. Leather shoes:[12]

A woman who is within thirty days of giving birth may wear leather shoes on Tishe Beav.[13] [This, however, only applied back then when only leather shoes were able to provide warmth, however today that there are many shoes of other material in most of the modern world, it is forbidden to wear leather shoes on Tishe Beav even in such a case.[14]]

E. Wishing Mazal Tov on Tishe Beav:[15]

One may wish a friend Mazal Tov on Tishe Beav, one behalf of the birth of a child.


F. Mi Shebeirach for a Yoledes on Tishe Beav:[16]

One may say a Mi Shebeirach on Tishe Beav for a Yoledes/woman who is after birth The Mi Shebeirach is to be said by Mincha, and not by Shacharis.


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May she eat meat if she is able to eat chicken?  Some Poskim rule that initially only chicken may be eaten, and actual meat may only be eaten if one can’t eat chicken or milk products. [Aruch Hashulchan 551:26; Kaf Hachaim 551:148]

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If she is not weak or sick: From some Poskim it is implied that a nursing woman may eat meat even if she is not sick, until the 7th of Av. However, in Shaareiy Teshuvah 551:29 and Kaf Hachaim 551:147 it says only if it is difficult for her to eat milk products may one eat chicken.

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