Learning Torah near child

* This article is an excerpt from the above Sefer

Learning Torah near child:[1]

Hearing words of Torah has a great impact on the soul of the child from the moment that he is born. After the mother of Rebbe Yehoshua Ben Chanania gave birth to him, she permanently placed his crib in the hall of study to him for him to only hear words of Torah, and for this reason she had a very holy child who was a great Torah scholar. Accordingly, one should study Torah near his child in order so his ears hear words of Torah.


[1] See and Rav Ovadia Bartenura on Avos 2:8; Yerushalmi Yevamos 1:6; Pela Yoeitz Erech Yonkei Shadayim; Shevach Habris 3:8

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