Leaving a Sefer open upon leaving a room

Leaving a Sefer open:[1]

One is not to have a Torah book [i.e. Sefer] remain open if he leaves the room, unless the Sefer is covered by a cloth and the like.[2] According to Kaballah, one who leaves a Sefer open and exits the room causes a certain angel by the name of “ש”ד”, which stands for “Shomer Dapin/guards pages”, to make one forget his learning.[3]



Is one to personally close his own Sefer?[4]

One is to be particular to personally close the Sefer that he opened, rather than have another person close it for him. 


What items may be placed on top of the open Sefer?

One may cover the Sefer with any item, so long as the item does not belittle the Sefer.[5] Some[6] record that the Sefer is to be covered with a nice cloth cover.


May one place another Sefer on top of the open Sefer in order to cover it?

Some[7] write it is permitted to cover an open Sefer with another Sefer.[8] This may be done even if the lower Sefer is a Chumash and the upper Sefer which is being placed on it is of Torah Shebal Peh.[9] However, other Poskim[10] are stringent to prohibit covering an open Sefer with another Sefer, and the only option available is to use a cloth or close it. Practically, the custom is like the former approach.


How much of the Sefer must be covered?[11]

The custom is to cover some part of the Sefer, and not require the entire Sefer to be covered.


May one leave the Sefer open and leave the room if someone is guarding the Sefer?[12]



Must the Sefer be covered if one will be returning shortly?

Some Poskim[13] rule that if one will only be leaving the room for a short amount of time, such as to go to the bathroom and the like, there is no need to close or cover the Sefer. Other Poskim[14] however rule one must cover the Sefer even in such a case.


Must the Sefer be covered if one will be in the room next door?

Some Poskim[15] rule that one is only required to close or cover the Sefer if he will be leaving the house, however if he will be going to a room next door then there is no need to do so.


May one leave a Sefer open for the sake of the Sefer, such as for it to dry if water spilled on it?[16]




The angel called Shomer Dapim:[17]

The angel called Shomer Dapim stands by the Sefarim and supervises that they are treated respectfully. There was once an individual who ended his daily writing in a Sefer with a verse that has a negative connotation. The next day when he entered his study, he saw a frightening looking individual sitting on his chair and reading his Sefer. He told the individual that he is the angel called Shomer Dapin and he supervises the pages of Sefarim, and when one concludes with an evil verse, he can cause the writer potential harm. That individual happened to be a Tzaddik and he made a deal with the angel not to hurt him, in exchange for that he will not continue writing in that Sefer until Shavuos, and so it was.


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