Lighting candles on Motzei Shabbos

Lighting candles on Motzei Shabbos:[1]

Some are accustomed to light more candles on Motzei Shabbos than they are accustomed to light during the regular weeknights. This is done in order to escort the Shabbos after its leave just as it is customary for one to escort the King upon him leaving the city.[2] [This is similar to Shabbos candle lighting which occurs before Shabbos.[3] These candles should be placed on or near the table during the Melaveh Malka meal.[4]]

When to light and how many candles to light: Some are accustomed to light two candles before Havdalah.[5] Others are accustomed to light the candles after Havdalah. Some light four candles in honor of Melaveh Malka.[6]


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