Lighting Yartzite candle before Yom Kippur

Lighting a Yizkor/Yartzeit candle:[1]

The custom is to light a [24-hour] candle for a deceased parent on Erev Yom Kippur, known as a Ner Neshama, [and so is the Chabad custom[2]].

Both parents deceased:[3] One is to light a Yizkar candle for his deceased father and mother. [This implies that one is to light a single candle on behalf of both parents.[4] Some Poskim[5], however, rule that if both one’s father and mother are deceased, one is to light two candles in their memory.]


Leaving a 24-hour candle on in the house for Havdala:[6]

One is to light a 24-hour candle in his home to be used for Havdala on Motzei Yom Kippur. See Chapter 5 Halacha 6!


May one use a Yartzite or Teshuvah candle for Havdalah?[7]

No.[8] However, one may light another candle from it and then say a blessing.



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