Making your child’s room into a Mikdash Me’at

* This article is an excerpt from the above Sefer

Making your child’s room into a Mikdash Me’at:[1]

Even today, every Jew is obligated to make for himself a dwelling place for G-d within his home. This obligation is relevant even for children, and even for a newborn baby. It can be accomplished by placing inside the babies room a book of Chumash, a Siddur, and a charity box. These books should be personally purchased on behalf of the child and be considered as his. To sanctify the room, one should try to study some amount daily from the child’s Chumash, and to pray or say blessing from the child’s Siddur, and to give charity in his charity box.


[1] See Likkutei Sichos Vol. 36 Sicha 1; Sefer Hasichos 5747 1:327; Likkutei Sichos 26:420; Shevach Habris 3:9

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