Many rooms to a home


Many rooms in one home:[1]

All the rooms in a home are obligated to have a Mezuzah.[2] Thus placing the Mezuzah only on the front door, as is the renowned custom in these provinces, does not suffice, and they have no Halachic authority to rely upon.[3] Therefore every G-d fearing Jew [who wants to live safely guarded from evil befalling him[4]] must place a Mezuzah on all the openings that are obligated to have a Mezuzah.[5]

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Other opinions: The Bach defends the practice of only placing a Mezuzah on the front door, claiming that that this is because the woman are accustomed to be undressed in other areas, and it is thus a belittlement to the Mezuzah. [brought in Shach 286/9]

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[5] Rama ibid

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