Matan Torah was the wedding day of the Jewish people-Why?

Matan Torah-Wedding day:[1]

The sages[2] state that day of the giving of the Torah is considered the day of her wedding. The reason for this is because by a wedding there is much joy and jubilation, and the purpose of the wedding is for the couple to create a family. Now, a child derives from the seed of the father which comes from the foundation of water in the brain and incorporates within it the essence of the intellect and pleasure of the soul and is therefore able to create a new creation. It is for this reason that the day of the giving of the Torah is called our wedding day, being that on this day the essence of the Torah and its pleasure became invested within the physical Torah that we study here in this physical world. Our Torah below contains the essence of pleasure and divine will of above, as a result of Matan Torah.

[1] Torah Or Bereishis 8a-b

[2] Taanis 26b

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