May one Daven or learn while hearing the voice of a woman

Hearing the voice of a woman during learning or Davening:[1]

The singing[2] voice of a woman is [Rabbinically[3]] an Erva.[4] This applies whether she is single[5] or married, and even towards the voice of one’s own wife [even while she is pure[6]].[7] [This applies to woman of all ages, whether old or young, and to women of all levels of attraction.[8]] Being that the singing voice of a woman is an Erva, it is therefore [Rabbinically[9]] forbidden[10] for a man to recite Kerias Shema, or Daven, or recite words of Torah while hearing it. As stated above, this applies towards the singing voice of all women, whether single or married, and even one’s own wife. However, as stated above, the voice of her speech is not an Erva, even if she is married, and one may hence learn and Daven even while hearing her speaking voice.

Voice of speech:[11] The voice of a woman’s speech is not an Erva, even if she is married.[12]

If one can focus despite the singing:[13] Even by the singing voice of a woman, if one is able to concentrate on his prayer to the point that he does not even consciously hear or pay attention to her voice, then it is permitted [to learn and Daven while hearing it]. [Thus, if one hears singing and is unable to stop them, he is to strengthen his concentration and ignore the singing in order so he is able to learn/Daven.[14]]



If one recited Shema or Davened Shemoneh Esrei while hearing the singing of a woman, must he repeat the prayer?

Some Poskim[15] rule he fulfills his obligation and is not required to repeat the prayer.

May a man Davening or learn if he can hear the recording of a woman singing?[16]

Some Poskim[17] rule it is permitted to hear a woman sing through a radio or recording if he does not know what she looks like.[18] Other Poskim[19] rule it is permitted even if he knows what she looks like.[20] Other Poskim[21] rule it is forbidden to hear her voice in all cases, even if he does not know what she looks like.[22] Practically, so is the final ruling.[23] Accordingly, one is not to Daven or learn when one can hear a woman sing even through a tape or radio unless he is able to remove his mind from the singing.[24]


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Other opinions:

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