May one eat food that was made/served in a vessel that was not Toiveled?

If one used a vessel without Tevila is the food permitted?[1]

If one used a vessel without immersing it in a Mikveh prior to its use, the food nevertheless remains permitted. Nevertheless, the requirement to immerse the vessel still remains and one is to do so prior to using it again. [However, one should remove the food from the vessel prior to eating and place the food in a vessel that was already immersed, or does not require immersion, such as a disposable vessel.]


[1] Rama 120:16; Ramban Avoda Zara 75b; Rashba 75b;  See Minchas Yitzchak 1:44; See Encyclopedia Talmudit Erech Tevilas Keilim Vol. 18 p. 510

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