May one leave Chametz in his fridge or freezer?

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May one leave wrapped Chametz in his fridge or freezer?

If he will be using the fridge during Pesach, then it is forbidden to leave any actual Chametz there even if he wraps the Chametz well and writes sold on it, and even if he tapes off an entire shelf for the Chametz.[1] If, however, one will not be using the fridge at all during Pesach, such as he has a Pesach fridge, then one may leave Chametz there and lock up the fridge [or turn it around so its door faces the wall] throughout Peach.

Closing up only the freezer or fridge compartment: It is disputed amongst Rabbanim if one may leave Chametz foods in his fridge or freezer, and close up the entire fridge or freezer compartment throughout Pesach, while making use of the other compartment.[2] Practically, one should not do so, especially if he is unable to properly lock the compartment that will store the Chametz.


[1] The reason: As a) The Chametz must be behind a Kosher Mechitza of ten Tefach, and wrapping it up, or taping it, is not defined as a Kosher Mechitza. b) The Mechira contract rents the areas of the Chametz to the gentile, hence the entire fridge is rented to him, and one thus cannot make regular use of it over Pesach.

[2] Although it is possible to define the compartment as a valid Mechitza, nevertheless a second issue still remains, and that is that the entire fridge is rented to the gentile, and hence how can one now make use of it.

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