Mi Shebeirach for Yoledes and naming of daughter

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Mi Shebeirach for Yoledes and naming of daughter:[1]

It is customary to bless a Yoledes with a Mi Shebeirach at the time of the naming of a daughter, and when the father of the son receives an Aliyah.

The Nussach: A separate Nussach of Mi Shebeirach is recited for the birth of a son versus the birth of a daughter. The exact change of wording can be found in the Siddur. The Chabad custom is to bless also by a daughter with the words “Legadla Letorah Ulechupa Ulimaasim Tovim.”[2]

Name of mother versus father: One is to state the name of the mother of the Yoledes upon reciting the Mi Shebeirach for a Yoledes [i.e. Shayna Bas Rivka]. However, when saying the name of the daughter, one states her name and the name of the father [who received the Aliyah].


[1] See Derisha Y.D. 360:2; Mishmeres Shalom Kudinav 20:2

[2] Igros Kodesh 5:149; 12:341; Hayom Yom 25th Menachem Av

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