Immersing in a Mikveh:[1]

One who is impure due to nocturnal emission [Keri], or any release of seed, may not visit a cemetery until he immerses in a Mikveh.[2] [Many are particular to never visit a cemetery prior to immersing in a Mikveh even if they are not impure due to Keri.[3] The Rebbe immersed in the Mikveh each time prior to visiting the Ohel of his father in-law.[4] Many are accustomed to immerse in a Mikveh also after the visitation.[5]]

[1] Alef Lamagen 581/109; Chayeh Adam 138/8; Kaf Hachaim 581/90; See M”A 559/15; Chikrei Minhagim p. 273

[2] One who visits the cemetery prior to immersion causes the Kelipos to cleave to him. [ibid]

[3]  Pela Yoetz 9; Nimukei Orach Chaim 559/10; Custom of Chida, brought in Magal Tov p. 94; Igros Kodesh 24/263 [the Rebbe gave a directive to the asker to immerse prior to visiting the Ohel]; So is recorded of the Rebbe Rashab, upon visiting the Ohel of the Baal Shem Tov, that he searched for a Kosher Mikveh and immersed in it prior to the visitation. [Igros Kodesh Rayatz 6/280] See Igros Kodesh 9/301 that one is to immerse on the day he visits his father’s Kever.

[4] Chikrei Minhagim p. 274

[5] Moed Lechol Chaiy 12/4; Custom of Chida, brought in Magal Tov p. 94

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