Missing leaves

Leaves fell off:[1]

If majority of the Arava leaves fell off the Arava, it is Pasul.[2] One must be very careful regarding this matter, especially when inserting it into the binding of the Lulav, that this not cause the leaves to come off. [Thus it is advisable to check the Aravos daily to verify they still contain majority leaves. Likewise it is advised to purchase a number of sets of Aravos on Erev Sukkos, which can be used in a case of need throughout Sukkos.] If only minority of the leaves fell off it is valid.

Mitzvah Min Hamuvchar: Lechatchilah it is a Mitzvah Min Hamuvchar to use an Arava which still has all its leaves attached, if this is easily attainable. 

[1] 647/5

[2] The reason: As it is no longer considered Hadar. [ibid]


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