Mourning Aveilus – Short Q&A

May one schedule a Hachansas Sefer Torah in honor of one’s deceased parent for the day of that parents Yartzite?[1]

Yes. Not only is it okay but it is a great mitzvah to perform a Siyum Sefer Torah on the day of one’s parents Yartzite, in his honor, and so is the custom of many.[2]

[1] Nitei Gavriel Hachnasas Sefer Torah 20:7; Mital Hashamayim 4 p. 97

[2] Since it is being done in his honor, and causes an elevation of his soul, it does not contradict the general directive that one should not dance or go to a concert on the Yartzite, and is no different than a child doing a Siyum Misechta on the day of the Yartzte which is an old and cherished custom of hundreds of years, and was done annually by the Rebbe in public on the day of his father’s passing.

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