Must a stage and the Bima of a Shul contain a railing?

A stage and the Bima of a Shul:[1]

A stage or Bima of a Shul which reaches a height of 10 Tefachim from the ground, is ideally to have a guardrail of ten Tefachim high placed around it. Nonetheless, the custom is to be lenient in this matter and not make a guardrail which is ten Tefachim high. Practically, it is best to be stringent in this matter and place a ten Tefach guardrail [without a blessing].


[1] Rav Poalim Y.D. 2:36; Shearim Hametzuyanim Behalacha 104 in name of Nimukei Yosef; Darkei Chaim Veshalom 243; Yalkut Yosef Semachos p. 670; Kol Eliyahu E.H. 4; See Chukos Chaim C.M. 112; Veasisa Meakah 2:3

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