Must one build his own Sukkah or can he share it with others?

Is everyone to have their own Sukkah?[1]

From the letter of the law, there is no obligation for one to build his own Sukkah, if he has a neighbors Sukkah or publicly shared Sukkah available, in which he can dwell in throughout the duration of Sukkos. Nonetheless, if feasible, it is proper for each family to build their own Sukkah, just as each person has his own home. [In addition, it is quite difficult to properly fulfill the Mitzvah of dwelling in a Sukkah, in a Sukkah that one does not own, and hence it is proper for each person to have their own Sukkah in order to dwell in it properly.]


[1] Likkutei Sichos 20 p. 267; See Teshuvah Hageonim ibid “However, the people of the city are not to rely on the Shul’s Sukkah to fulfill their obligation, as one only fulfills his obligation with a Sukkah that he makes near his home.”

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