One’s angels learn Torah together with him

When one Davens and Learns his root soul and corresponding angels do so likewise:[1]

Rebbe Meir states in Pirkei Avos[2], that if exerted effort in learning Torah, he has a lot of reward awaiting him, while if he nullified himself from Torah learning, he has many that are nullified opposite him. This means as follows:[3] When one sings praise to Hashem [in prayer] and learns Torah, the root of his soul which rests under the chair of glory, likewise sings and learns. Furthermore, all the angels that were created through one’s Mitzvos also join in song above. This is the meaning of the above statement in Pirkei Avos, as when one learns Torah he causes many angles to also learn Torah and therefore he receives the reward of all of them. However, if he nullifies himself from learning Torah, this causes that also his corresponding angels are nullified, and there are therefore “many that are nullified opposite him.”


[1] Keser Shem Tov 84

[2] 4/10

[3] Midrash Shmuel  ibid

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