Parshas Chayeh Sarah- Summary of the Parsha

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Parshas Chayeh Sarah

Pesukim: 105 [Siman:יהוידע ]

Haftorah: Melachim 1 1:1-31

Number of Mitzvos:

There are no Positive or Negative commands mentioned in Parshas Chayeh Sarah.


  1. Sarah passes away:
  • Sarah was 127 years old upon her passing.
  • Sarah passed away in Kiryat Araba, in Chevron.
  • Avraham mourned over her passing and came to eulogize her.

  1. Avraham purchases Mearas Hamachpeila and buries Sarah:
  • Avraham approaches Bnei Cheis to purchase the Mearas Hamachpeila. Bnei Cheis reply that he can bury Sarah wherever he wishes, without any protest.
  • Avraham bows to them [as a sign of greeting] and kindly rejects their offer. He asks to meet with the land owner of the Mearas Hamachpeilah, Efron Hachiti, in order to purchase it from him for its full price.
  • Efron offers the field as a gift: Efron offers Avraham to take the entire field, including the cave, as a present from him, without payment. Avraham once again kindly rejects the offer and asks to purchase the field for its full price. Efron offers Avraham to purchase the land for 400 Shekel Kesef.
  • Avraham paid Efron 400 Shekel Kesef of the best currency.



  • The fields, and its cave, and all its trees now belong to Avraham. Its sale was witnessed by all of Bnei Cheis. Avraham then buried his wife Sara in Mearas Hamachpeilah, which is in Chevron.


  1. Avraham appoints Eliezer to find a wife for his son Yitzchak:
  • Avraham was old and was blessed with everything.
  • Avraham asked his servant Eliezer to place his hand under his thigh and swear that he would not take for his son Yitzchak as a wife, a woman from Canaan, and that rather he will take for him a wife from Avraham’s family.
  • Eliezer asks Avraham if he should bring Yitzchak to his birthplace, in the event that the girl does not want to come to live in Eretz Canaan. Avraham replies with a stern warning to Eliezer that he is not to bring Yitzchak to his birthplace, and that Hashem will send his angel before him to help him succeed in bringing back a wife for Yitzchak. If, however, you should prove unsuccessful, nevertheless, do not bring Yitzchak to that land.
  • Eliezer placed his hand under Avraham’s thigh and swore to fulfill his request.


  1. The journey of Eliezer and the meeting of Rivka by the well:
  • Eliezer took with him ten camels and all the possessions of his master, and he travelled to Aram Naharayim, the city of Nachor.
  • By the approach of evening, upon arrival to the outskirts of the city, Eliezer kneeled the camels onto the ground, near the well. This was at the time that the people came to the well to draw water.
  • The prayer of Eliezer: Eliezer prayed to Hashem, asking Him to assist him in his mission, and to arrange that the woman who would volunteer to give him and his camels to drink would be the one chosen to be the wife of Yitzchak.
  • Rivka: As he finished speaking, Rivkah, the daughter of Besuel, who was the nephew of Avraham, came out with a bucket of water. Rivka was very pretty, and was still a Besula, not having been with any man.
  • Rivka draws water: She proceeded to draw water from the well, and Eliezer ran towards her, asking her to give him some water to drink. Rivkah gave him to drink and then went ahead and gave his camels to drink until satiation. She went numerous times to the well to give all the camels water. Eliezer was astounded, waiting to see if his mission was accomplished or not.
  • The presents given to Rivka: When the camels finished drinking, he went ahead and gave Rivkah gold nose rings and two gold bracelets.
  • Asking to be hosted: He asked Rivkah who her family is and if they can host him. She replied that she is the daughter of Besuel, Son of Milcah and Nachor and that they have room to host him and his camels, and they have food for them all.
  • Eliezer bowed to Hashem.



  • Eliezer thanks Hashem for doing kindness for his master Avraham.
  • Rivkah ran to her mother and told her what happened.


  1. In the house of Besuel:
  • Lavan: Rivka’s brother, Lavan, ran to greet Eliezer upon seeing the jewelry that Eliezer gave her and hearing the story that she had to say. Lavan invited Eliezer and his camels to come into their home. Lavan gave food to the camels, and gave water for Eliezer and his men to wash their feet.
  • Eliezer recounts the story: They offered Eliezer a meal, but he refused to eat until he told his story. Eliezer told them that he is the servant of Avraham, who is very wealthy, and he had a son to whom he has given all of his possessions, for whom he sent me to find him a wife. Eliezer went on to retell the whole purpose of his travel and the prayer he said to Hashem, and the ensuing episode.
  • Asking permission to take Rivka: After telling them the story, Eliezer asked if they agree to give him Rivkah, otherwise he will look elsewhere to find a wife for Yitzchak. Lavan and Besuel replied that they agree, as it is not in their hands, but in the hands of Hashem.



  • More presents given to Rivka and family: Eliezer took out gold and silver vessels and gave it to Rivka, and gave presents to her brother and mother.


  1. Traveling back to marry Yitzchak:
  • Rivka leaves home with Eliezer: They ate and drank and in the morning Eliezer asked to be sent off. They replied that they wanted Rivkah to remain with them for some more time. Eliezer would not agree and asked for her to be sent off with him immediately. They asked Rivkah as to her opinion of going so suddenly and she acquiesced. They blessed Rivkah before she left that she should give birth to a great nation and overcome their enemies, and off they went on their journey.
  • Yitzchak meets Rivka: In the meantime, Yitzchak had returned from a journey of his own and went to pray in the field. He lifted his eyes and saw camels coming towards him. Rivkah also lifted her eyes and saw Yitzchak, and she descended from the camel and asked who the man is. Eliezer replied that it is his master Yitzchak. Rivkah then placed a kerchief over her face. Eliezer told Yitzchak all that had occurred.
  • Yitzchak and Rivka get married: Yitzchak marries Rivkah, loves her, and receives comfort for the death of his mother.



  1. Avraham marries Keturah:
  • Avraham marries Keturah and has six sons: Zimran, Yakshan, Medan, Midyan, Yishbak, Shuach.
  • Avraham inherits all his property to Yitzchak but gives presents to the children of Keturah.

  1. Avraham passes away:
  • Avraham passes away at age 175, at a good old age.
  • Yitzchak and Yishmael bury him in the Mearas Hamachpeilah.
  • Hashem blesses Yitzchak after Avraham’s passing.



  1. The descendants of Yishmael:
  • The verse lists the descendants of Yishmael.
  • Yishmael had a total of 12 sons.
  • Yishmael passed away at age 137.
  • They lived all together between Chavilah and Shur, near Egypt.

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