Parshas Haazinu-Summary of the Parsha

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Parshas Haazinu

Pesukim: 52 [Siman: כלב]

Haftorah:[1] Shmuel 2 22:1-51



Number of Mitzvos:

There are no Mitzvos in Parshas Haazinu.



  1. The song of Haazinu:

[Moshe taught Bnei Yisrael the Haazinu song which consisted of the following points:]

  • The heavens and earth are to hear [and bear witness] of my words.
  • May my teachings be like rain and dew.
  • Praise Hashem: When I call the name of Hashem bring greatness to His name.
  • Hashem’s Justice: Hashem is perfect in His work and all His actions are justified. He is not corrupt.
  • Admonishment: How can you act crookedly towards your father who acquired you, who made you and established you?



  • Remember the days of old and contemplate the past generations. Ask your father and grandfather how Hashem separated the nations according to the people of Israel.
  • Hashem’s love for the Jewish people: A portion of Hashem is His people and Yaakov is the rope of His inheritance. He found him in the desert and guarded him like the pupil of His eye. He acted like an eagle protecting his children. Hashem alone did this without any other god.


  • Hashem carried him over the high mountains and fed him the produce of the earth, nursing him with honey and oil from the rocks. Cattle and flock, milk, meat of various animals, and the blood of grapes were given to them.
  • Jewish rebelliousness: The Jewish people became fattened and rebelled and deserted Hashem. They provoked Him with abominations, slaughtering to demons and foreign entities. You ignored the Rock who gave birth to you and the G-d who brought you out.


  • Hashem’s punishments to the Jews: Hashem will become angry at what He sees, and He will hide His face from them. “Just as they angered Me with a foreign god so too I will anger them with a foreign nation. Fire will burn through My nostrils and consume the land and its produce. Bloated by famine, they will have the teeth of animals sent against them. Outside there will be the sword [of war], and inside will be fear. I will scatter them amongst the nations and obliterate their memory from man. The nations will think this is their doing and not that of Hashem. They are a nation bereft of council or understanding.


  • If they were bright they would understand that it is not possible for one person to chase a thousand, and two people 10,000, unless Hashem has sold them.
  • Where are the gods whom they worshiped and trusted in, why did they not save them? I am Hashem and no other god is with Me. I put to death and bring life and I strike down and heal.”



  • Hashem’s punishments to the gentiles: “I will return vengeance upon My enemies and to those who hate Me. My arrow will become drunk with blood. Let all the nations sing the praise of the Jewish people as He will avenge the death of His servants. He will bring retribution to His enemies and appease His land and His people.”


  1. Moshe teaches the song to the Jewish people:
  • Moshe came and spoke the words of this song to the Jewish people, him and Yehoshua Ben Nun. After its conclusion, Moshe told the Jewish people to pay close attention to these words of testimony said today, to guard all the words of the Torah. “The Torah is not empty for you, as it is your very life and with it you will lengthen your days on the land that you will inherit.”


  • Hashem instructs Moshe to ascends the mountain of Nevo:
  • Hashem spoke to Moshe on the essence of this day saying that he should ascend the mountain of Avarim, mountain of Nevo, which is in the land of Moav, facing Yericho. He should gaze at the land of Canaan which will be given to Bnei Yisrael as an inheritance. “You will die on this mountain, just as Aaron your brother died due to that you transgressed against me with the story of Mei Meriva in Kadesh, and did not sanctify Me amongst the Jewish people. You will see the land but not enter it”

[1] This only applies if Haazinu falls between Yom Kippur and Sukkos, otherwise the Haftorah of Shabbos Shuva is read

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