Parshas Mikeitz-Parsha Bee

Parshas Mikeitz

Pesukim: 146

Haftorah: Melachim 1 3:15-4:1



Number of Mitzvos:

There are no Positive or Negative commands mentioned in Parshas Mikeitz.




  1. How long was your Joseph imprisoned for when Pharaoh had his dreams?
  2. Where the cows come from?
  3. What was the meaning of the seven fat cows standing together with the seven skinny cows?
  4. The dreams have been on the same night?
  5. How many dreams total did Pharaoh have?
  6. What was the meaning of having t’o dreams and what differences were between the first and second dream?
  7. What interpretations did Pharaoh sorcerers give him?
  8. What was done to Joseph prior to meeting Pharaoh?
  9. What advice did Joseph give Pharaoh and how was he allowed to do so?
  10. How did Pharaoh know that Joseph’s interpretation was correct?
  11. What did Pharaoh garb Joseph with when he became viceroy?
  12. What was Joseph called?
  13. In whose classroom did you need to get permission prior to raising your hand?
  14. Who did Joseph marry?
  15. How old was Joseph when he got married?
  16. What did Joseph do when he became appointed viceroy?
  17. How many children to Joseph have, when did he have them, and what were their names?
  18. Why were Joseph’s children named their names?
  19. Was the famine only in Egypt or in the whole world?
  20. Why did Benjamin not accompany the brothers to Egypt?
  21. Why did Joseph accuse the brothers of being spies?
  22. How were Joseph’s dreams fulfilled this week’s Parsha?
  23. Why did the brothers not recognize Joseph?
  24. Who was placed in prison by Joseph and for how long?
  25. Why did Joseph insist that Benjamin come down and cause his father much pain?
  26. When did Joseph begin crying?
  27. What was placed in the bags of the brothers for their journey home?
  28. Which brother was the first to notice that money was placed on his back?
  29. How did Judah convince his father to send Benjamin with them?
  30. From where in Scripture do we see the Jacob knew that Joseph was alive?
  31. What foods did Jacob instruct his sons to bring to Egypt to Joseph?
  32. Why were the brothers scared when they were invited to Joseph’s home?
  33. How many times a Joseph crying this week’s portion?
  34. Describe something special that happened by the meal that Joseph had with his brothers?
  35. Give the details of the placing of the goblet into Benjamin’s sack and as to why this was done?

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