Parshas Vayeishev-Parsha Bee


Parshas Vayeishev

Pesukim: 112

Haftorah: Amos 2:6-3:8

  Number of Mitzvos: There are no Positive or Negative commands mentioned in Parshas Vayeishev.  



  1. Where was Yaakov living at the time of the story of the sale of Joseph?
  2. How old was Joseph at the time of the story of the sale?
  3. What were the occupation of Joseph and the brothers?
  4. What similarities were there between Yaakov and Joseph? List all similarities given
  5. why was Joseph called a young lad by Scripture?
  6. What gossip did Joseph say about his brothers to his father?
  7. How was Joseph punished measure for measure for the things he said bad about his brothers?
  8. Why did Yaakov love specifically his son Joseph?
  9. What special coat was Joseph given what did it stand for?
  10. To whom in the family were the brothers of Joseph unable to speak with?
  11. What caused the brothers to hate Joseph?
  12. How many dreams did Joseph have?
  13. One of the brothers continued to hate Joseph after his dreams?
  14. What was the difference between the first and second dream? List all the differences
  15. Why did Yosef insist on telling his brothers of the dream?
  16. Why did Yaakov chastise Yosef only by the second dream?
  17. Who was Joseph’s stepmother and for how long did she live?
  18. What was the meaning behind that Joseph’s father and mother would bow to him?
  19. In which city were the brothers found when Joseph went to look for them?
  20. Who found Joseph when he was lost in the field?
  21. How did the brothers refer to Joseph when they saw him coming?
  22. Which brother secretly tried to save Joseph from being killed and said that rather should be thrown to the pit?
  23. What were the brothers thinking when they threw Joseph into the pit? Were they trying to kill him or not?
  24. What did the brothers plan on telling Yaakov that happened to Joseph?
  25. What do they do the Joseph prior to throwing him into the pit?
  26. What was inside the pit Joseph was thrown into?
  27. Which brother suggested to take Joseph out of the pit and sell him as a slave?
  28. Who was Joseph sold to?
  29. Where did the Ishmaelites come from when they arrived by Joseph?
  30. Why did Judah state that they should not spill the blood of his brother when they decided already not to do so and rather simply throw them into the pit.
  31. For how much money was Joseph sold for?
  32. The verse mentions Midianites and Ishmaelites in the sale. What’s going on? Who was he sold to in the end?
  33. What did Reubein do when he saw that Joseph was no longer in the pit?
  34. Where was Ruben this entire time?
  35. What animal was slaughtered and its blood used to pour on Joseph’s shirt?
  36. What did Yaakov do when he discovered the death of his son Joseph?
  37. Did Yaakov have daughters?
  38. What was the position of Potiphar in Egypt?
  39. What happened to Judah after the sale?
  40. What was the name of Judas father-in-law?
  41. Who does the brothers marry?
  42. What were the names of Judah’s three sons?
  43. What was the name of the city that Sheila was born in?
  44. Who gave the names to Judah’s sons?
  45. What was the name of the wife of Judah’s oldest son?
  46. What is the name of Judas friend who went with him to graze the sheep?

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