Parshas Vayishlach-Parsha Bee

Parshas Vayishlach

Pesukim: 154

Haftorah: Ovdia 1:1-21

Number of Mitzvos:

There is a total of One Mitzvah in Parshas Vayishlach; Zero positive command and One negative commands. The following are the commands in the order listed by the Sefer Hachinuch.



  1. Mitzvah 3/Negative 1: Not to eat the Gid Hanashe, the Sciatic nerve.

  1. Did Yaakov send actual angels to greet his brother?
  2. Where was Eisav living at the time that Yaakov sent a messenger?
  3. How many times in the parsha did Yaakov call Eisav his master?
  4. Why did Yaakov call Eisav his master and what punishment did he get due to this?
  5. Why did Yaakov tell Eisav that he had lived by lavan?
  6. How many people were traveling with Eisav and where did they spiritually come from?
  7. What preparations did Yaakov do to battle his brother?
  8. Which verse in this week’s Parsha did the Alter Rebbe recite and write to the Chassidim when you left the prison?
  9. With what item did Yaakov cross the Jordan and arrive to Lavan with?
  10. How many songs can you think of are compiled from different verses in this week’s P;arsha?
  11. Which miracle did Yaakov do similar to Moses and Joshua?
  12. How many animals did Yaakov give his brother Eisav as a present?
  13. What was the name of the river that Yaakov crossed?
  14. Explain the story of what happened when Yaakov fought with the angel of Eisav.
  15. What was the significance of Yaakov’s Gid Hanashe getting injured and why don’t we eat it?
  16. What is the meaning of the name Yisrael versus the name Yaakov?
  17. What did Yaakov name the area that he fought with Eisav’s Angel?
  18. What was the order that Yaakov set up his family to greet Eisav and for what reason?
  19. How many times did Yaakov bow on the ground when he met his brother?
  20. Why are there dots on top of the word Vayishakeihu?
  21. Why did they cry when they met?
  22. What did Joseph do to merit that the evil eye does not effect him?
  23. Why did Yaakov tell his brother that seeing his face is like seeing the face of God, is in that kind of insulting to God?
  24. What is the difference in how Yaakov describes how much he has versus how Eisav describes how much he has?
  25. What happened to the 400 men of Eisav and how were they rewarded later on?
  26. Which holiday is mentioned in this week’s Parsha?
  27. How much money did Yaakov pay for the field that he bought from Shechem?
  28. What did Shechem tell Dina to convince her to marry him?
  29. Why was the city of Shechem liable for death?
  30. Why did Shechem want to marry Dina and did he ever end up doing so in this lifetime or in a future lifetime? Who were they both reincarnated into?
  31. What did Chamor and Shechem offer Yaakov in exchange for his daughter?
  32. What did Chamor and Shechem tell their people to convince them to circumcise themselves?
  33. What did the brothers capture from the city of Shechem and who they let live?
  34. Why did Dina not willingly leave the house of Shechem until she was convinced by her brother?
  35. How old were Shimon and Levi when they killed the city of Shechem?
  36. What did they do with all the booty from Shechem?
  37. Which famous daily learning cycle is mentioned in this week’s Parsha?
  38. Who was Deborah and where was she buried?
  39. How many times did Hashem appear to Yaakov in this week’s Parsha and why?
  40. Why did G-d bless Yaakov after the death of Deborah?
  41. What did Yaakov build in Luz/Beis Eil?
  42. In what area did Rachel give birth to Benjamin?
  43. Why was Benjamin given his name?
  44. What name did Yaakov give his son Benjamin, versus the name that Rachel gave him?
  45. How many girls were born with Benjamin?
  46. What are the names of each of the sons of Yaakov’s wives?
  47. Where did Yaakov travel to after the story of Rachel’s death?
  48. How long did Isaac live for and when did he pass away?
  49. Who buried Isaac?
  50. What other names do the wives of Eisav have and which wives had the same name?
  51. Who was the mother of Elifaz?
  52. Who was the mother of Korach?
  53. Why did Eisav leave the land of Israel?
  54. Who was Amaleik? Who was his father and mother?
  55. How were the people of Seir expert farmers?
  56. Which king of the Jewish people and of Edom shared the same name?

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