Parshas Vezos Haberachah-Summary of the Parsha

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Parshas Vezos Haberachah

Pesukim: 41[Siman: גאואל]

Haftorah: Yehoshua 1:1-18

Number of Mitzvos:

There are no Mitzvos in Parshas Vezos Haberachah.



  1. The blessing of Moshe prior to his death:
  • The following is the blessing that Moshe, the man of G-d, blessed the Jewish people prior to his death.
  • Singing the blessings of all the Jewish people: Hashem came from Sinai and gave you the fire of his law [i.e. the Torah]. He has loved the Jewish people. The Torah that Moshe commanded is the inheritance of the congregation of Yaakov. Hashem became king over the Jewish people when their tribes are gathered together.
  • Blessing of Reuvein: May Reuvein live and multiply to many numbers.
  • Blessing of Yehuda: May Hashem listen to the voice of Yehuda, and help him against his enemies.



  • Blessing of Levi: Your Urim and Tumim have been given to the man of kindness whom You have tested. They have guarded your covenant and preserved your command. They will teach the laws to Yaakov and its statutes to the Jewish people. They will bring You the Ketores and sacrifices. Hashem shall bless his possessions and bring success to his work. He will destroy his opponents and not allow his enemies to rise.
  • Blessing of Binyamin: Binyamin is a friend of Hashem, may he dwell securely by Him. He protects him all day and dwells between his shoulders.



  • Blessing of Yosef: Yosef’s land is blessed by Hashem with the delicacies of the heavens, with dew and the depths of waters. With delicacies of the sun and moon, and the mountains and hills. He is a firstborn, an ox, glorified with the horns of a Reim. He will gore the nations.



  • Blessing of Zevulun and Yissachar: Zevulun should rejoice in his outings [of business] and Yissachar in his tents [of Torah learning]. They will slaughter together offerings on the mountain and benefit from the treasures of the sea and sand.
  • Blessing of Gad: Gad dwells like a lion and tears the head and arm of the enemy. He took the first portions [of the land of Sichon and Og] as there is buried the lawgiver [Moshe].


  • Blessing of Dan: Dan is a lion cub who springs forth from the Bashan.
  • Blessing of Naftali: Naftali is satiated [with all his land desires] and is filled with the blessing of Hashem. He inherits the sea and the south.
  • Blessing of Asher: Asher is blessed with sons and is pleasing to his brothers. He dips his foot in oil. His locks are iron and copper.
  • Praising Hashem and Israel: There is no one like the G-d of Yeshurun who rides the heavens.



  • He destroyed the enemy from before you and secures the dwelling of the Jewish people in a land of grain and wine which drips dew. Praised are you Israel, who is like you, a people delivered by Hashem who was your shield and sword.


  1. Moshe is shown the land of Israel and the future times:
  • Moshe ascended from the plains of Moav to the summit of the mountain of Navo. Hashem showed him the entire land, from Gilad until Dan, Naftali and the land of Ephraim and Menasheh, the entire land of Yehuda until the western sea [and until the last day of the resurrection]. He showed him the south and the valley of Yericho, the city of date palms, as far as Tzoar.
  • Hashem told Moshe that this is the land that was promised to Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov be given to their descendants. You saw it with your eyes but you will not enter there.


  1. Moshe passes away:
  • Moshe the servant of Hashem passed away in the land of Moav by the mouth of Hashem.
  • The burial: Hashem buried him in the gorge of the land and no one is aware of his burial place until this very day.
  • His age: Moshe was 120 years of age at his passing. His eye did not dim, and his moisture did not leave him.
  • The mourning: The Jewish people mourned Moshe’s passing in the plains of Moav for thirty days.
  • Yehoshua the new leader: Yehoshua Ben Nun was filled with wisdom, as Moshe leaned his hands on him and the Jewish people listened to him and followed the instructions Hashem commanded Moshe.
  • None like Moshe: There has never been a prophet amongst the Jewish people like Moshe to whom Hashem had made Himself known face to face. For all the miracles and wonders which Hashem sent him to perform in Egypt, against Pharaoh and his servants, and all his land, and for all the miracles that Moshe performed before the eyes of all Israel.


Chazak Chazak Vinischazek!

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