Pesach complaints

Pesach complaints:[1]

One may not say “How troublesome is Pesach”, as this is similar to the statement of the wicked son.[2] Nevertheless, today people are not careful in the above and some[3] have learned merit to justify these statements.[4]


[1] Admur 469:5; Chok Yaakov 469:3

[2] Admur ibid; Rokeiach 283; Chok Yaakov ibid

The reason: As the wicked son says “Why do you trouble yourselves with these rituals?” [ibid]

[3] Chok Yaakov ibid

[4] The reason: As they learn it only is similar to a Rasha when one states this regarding the Mitzvos of Karban Pesach, and other Mitzvos which are Biblical, as by saying this one makes it seem that the commands of the Torah are a burden on him. However, today this statement is said in reference to all the great stringencies which are accustomed with Pesach, and when he says on them how troublesome they are, there is no prohibition in the matter. [ibid]

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