Pesach in the hospital for Yoledes

* This article is an excerpt from the above Sefer


Checking for Chametz: A woman after birth who will be staying in the hospital on the night of Pesach is required to check her space of the room and cupboards for Chametz on the night of the 14th. This is in addition to check all of her belongings to make sure that they are free of any Chametz products or crumbs. Nonetheless, she is not to say a blessing upon doing this check for Chametz. After she completes the check, she is to recite the Bittul of Kol Chamira. It is not necessary for her to do this personally and she may have another Jew do the checking on her behalf.

The night of the Seder: A woman after birth is to follow all of the regular laws relevant to the night of the Seder, including the eating of Matzaoh and Maror, and recital of the Haggadah, and the drinking of 4 cups of grape juice, or tea or coffee if grape juice is not available. She may eat the bare minimum Shiur of Matzah and Maror, and recite the bare minimum requirement of the Haggadah if she does not have the strength to say all of it.

[1] See Nitei Gavriel 66:30-32; Toras Hayoledes 46-48; Our corresponding Sefer “The Pesach Seder”

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