Placing the Challah on the table after baking

Placing the Challah on the table after baking:

Some Poskim[1] record that the custom is to place the Challahs that will be eaten Friday night on the Shabbos table directly after removing them from the oven, and that doing so is included within Kavod Shabbos.[2] This is not the current widespread custom.[3] Nevertheless, it is proper to do so.[4]


[1] Taz Yoreh Deah 178:7; Chasam Sofer in his glosses on 242

[2] This is similar to the showbread which was placed directly on the table after it was baked. [Divrei Yisrael 2 p. 30]

[3] Likueti Mahrich

[4] Piskeiy Teshuvos 242:11

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