Praying on behalf of a woman in labor

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Praying on behalf of a woman in labor:[1]

When a woman is in labor, it is proper for whoever is aware to pray on her behalf so she have an easy birth, and that she and the child be healthy. Likewise, the woman herself is to pray to G-d for an easy birth.[2] She is to be told by the midwife to pray to G-d and repent for any sins.[3] [However, prayers should not be said when the Erva is revealed and seen.[4]]

How to pray on Shabbos:[5] Although it is forbidden for one to request physical needs on Shabbos, including the needs of a sick person, for him to become healthy[6], nevertheless, if the sick person is dangerously ill on Shabbos [and may pass away that day] then one may shout and supplicate on his behalf even on Shabbos, even as a congregation.[7] Accordingly, it is permitted for one to pray on behalf of a woman who is having difficulty in labor on Shabbos.[8]


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