Pregnant woman immersing in a Mikveh in 9th month

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Immersing in a Mikveh in 9th month:[1]

Some women are accustomed to immerse in the Mikveh in the nine month of pregnancy.[2] No blessing is said upon this immersion. For this purpose, she may immerse even during daytime. She does not need to abide by the various laws and stringency’s associated with immersing for the state of Nidah such as Chafifa and the like prior to immersion.[3] Practically, the Chabad custom is not to be particular to immerse in the ninth month. Nonetheless, those who have such a custom in their family are not to abstain from honoring it, so long as they receive the go-ahead from their doctor.[4] However, one should not immerse for this purpose during the nine days.[5]


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