Prohibition #4: The prohibition of cutting an item to small pieces

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Prohibition # 4: The prohibition of cutting an item to small pieces

1. The prohibition to cut an item into small pieces:[1]

By wood: [Furthermore] even if one is not meticulous on the sizes, if he cuts [wood] into very thin pieces in order to light fire [with them], then he is liable for [the] grinding [prohibition].

By Other items: [As well] other detached items are only allowed [to be cut] if one does not cut them into very small pieces [and only if none of the other explained prohibitions apply].



It is forbidden to cut wood or other items to small pieces due to the Grinding prohibition.

Does tearing a piece of paper into small pieces transgress the grinding prohibition?

Seemingly not being that today’s papers manufactured from wood dust and there is no prohibition of grinding after grinding. Nonetheless, this would be forbidden due to Muktzah, and perhaps the destroying prohibition.


[1] Admur 314:16; M”A 314:14; M”B 31441

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