Purchasing Jewelry and clothing

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Purchasing Jewelry and clothing:[1]

It is a Biblical positive command and obligation for one to rejoice and be of happy spirit on Yom Tov.[2] This obligation applies to oneself, his wife, his children and his entire household [even non-relatives[3]]. The head of the household is responsible for rejoicing his household during this time. One is to buy his wife [and adult female children and other adult female household members[4]] jewelry or clothing in accordance to his affordability. ]If one cannot afford to purchase clothing or jewelry then he is to purchase them new shoes in order to fulfill this Mitzvah.[5]]


[1] Admur 529:6-7; 242:1 regarding eating on Yom Tov that it is Biblical due to the Mitzvah of Simcha; Michaber 529:2; Pesachim 109a

[2] The source: As the verse [Devarim 16:14] states “Vesamachta Bechagecha Ata Ubincha Ubitecha etc.” [Admur ibid]

[3] Implication of Admur ibid

[4] So is implied from Admur ibid as otherwise Admur omits how the other women of one’s household are to be rejoiced.

[5] Drashos Maharil Yom Tov; Bear Heiytiv 529:4

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