Reattaching a Mezuzah

If a Mezuzah fell off the doorpost may one reattach it?

The Mezuzah fell together with its case: A Mezuzah which fell together with its case may never be replaced on Shabbos to the door being that doing so involves nailing or taping the Mezuzah to the doorpost which contains a Building prohibition.

If a Mezuzah fell out of its case: If a Mezuzah slid out of its case, and its case has remained on the doorpost, then some Poskim[1] allow one to return the Mezuzah into its case on Shabbos.[2] Others[3] however rule that one may not do so being that it is similar to fixing a vessel.[4] Practically, seemingly one may be lenient[5] so long as it does not involve a building prohibition.[6]


[1] Tzitz Eliezer 13/53

[2] This does not appear like Tikkun Keli even according to the opinion which rules one may not live in a house without a Mezuzah, as this is an obligation on the person and not on the house.

[3] Sdei Chemed Mareches 40/115

[4] The Sdei Chemed brings that this matter is subject to the same dispute as is immersing vessels in a Mikveh. As according to those which rule one may not live in a house without a Mezuzah, placing the Mezuzah fixes the house for living in. According to those which hold one may live in a house without a Mezuzah, there is no fixing occurring to the house by placing the Mezuzah back.

[5] As even regarding immersing a vessel a dispute is brought, and certainly here that it is unclear if even according to the stringent opinion there is an issue of Tikkun Keli, one may be lenient.

[6] Meaning the use of tape, as taping something to the ground is like building. Hence the allowance only applies if one is able to simply slide the Mezuzah back into the case without use of any item to attach it there.


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