Refining the animal soul reaches higher than Mitzvos

Animal soul draws from higher than Mitzvos:[1]

The Mitzvos we perform have ability to draw down Elokus from the level of Arich of Keser. However, the Avoda of Iskfya and Ishapcha have ability to draw down from the level of Atik of Keser, which is the lower level of the Matzil. This means as follows: Although Mitzvos are rooted in Keser, within Keser it is rooted in the lower level called Arich, which is the beginning of the Netzal, which is the root of the world of Atzilus. Thus, performance of Mitzvos have the power to draw down Elokus from the level of Arich of Keser into the worlds, but not from its higher level of Atik. On this the verse states “Kedushasiy Lemala Mikedushaschem”, as Hashem’s Holiness, Atik, is higher than the holiness that the Jewish people can achieve through Mitzvos which is Arich. However, the service of Iskfya and Ishpacha, subjugating and refining the animal soul, reaches much higher and draws down from the level of Atik.


[1] Torah Or Mikeitz 33a

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