Requirement of doorposts and Lintel

Doorposts and Lintel:[1]

An opening is only obligated to have a Mezuzah if it has two doorposts [one on each side], and a Mashkof [lintel] on top of the doorposts.[2]




Must the entrance contain a doorframe to be obligated in a Mezuzah?[3]

Yes. If one does not have an actual doorframe by the entrance, but the entrance contains a doorframe structure that is formed from the wall, it is obligated in having a Mezuzah. Nevertheless, if the entrance does not contain a door, the Mezuzah is placed without a blessing, as explained in ??.


Does a room without a ceiling require a Mezuzah by its entrance?

If the room does not have a lintel, then it does not require a Mezuzah. If the room has a lintel and doorframe, but does not have a ceiling, then it follows the law explained in ???




             Wall frame without door-Place without blessing



                     No lintel-Exempt from Mezuzah


[1] 287/1

[2] Michaber ibid

[3] See Pischeiy Shearim 287/6 [p. 120] that many Poskim have agreed that no frame is needed, and thus even when the walls themselves form the doorposts and lintel, one needs to place a Mezuzah with a blessing if it has a door. However some rule that a frameless entrance is exempt from needing a Mezuzah.

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