Loses control of mind over heart:[1] A true Rasha however does not have control of his thoughts, as their hearts are in control of their minds and not the opposite. This is a result of their great sin. In order to regain control of the mind over the ehart, the Rasha must first do Teshuvah.

Davening for Reshaim:[2] It is a Mitzvah to Daven for Reshaim that they should repent and not enter Gihennim. It is forbidden for one to Daven for a Rasha to die. [One should Daven even for his enemies as at times they are the Gilgul of the Ruach of a Tzadik and through prayer their root becomes sweetened and leaves the Rasha, causing his evil to dissipate on its own.[3]]


[1] Tanya chapter 17

[2] Zohar Parshas Vayeira; Midrash Hanelam p. 105; Kaf Hachaim 119/7; See Brachos 11a that Berurya told Rebbe Meir not to Daven for the Reshaim to die but for them to do Teshuvah

[3] Keser Shem Tov 18

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