Room with two adjacent openings

A room with two adjacent openings:

A. An opening behind the door:[1]

If behind the door there is another opening [such as to its right or left], then if it has a support beam of one Tefach wide [8 cm], then both openings are obligated to have a Mezuzah. [See pic]


B. Two doors that are separated by a pillar which enter to the same room:[2]

If one has an opening with two doors, then if there is a pillar in between the two doors [of one Tefach[3]] and the hinges of the doors are attached to the middle doorpost, then they are considered two separate entrances and both require a Mezuzah. However if the doors are attached to hinges on the side doorposts, [and both doors open together[4]] then only one Mezuzah is required, as the middle doorpost is only there for beauty.[5]  


C. Two door-less openings by corner:[6]

A room opened partially on its west and north side, thus forming an opened corner area that has a pillar standing by its corner, only requires one Mezuzah if the pillar is less than a Tefach. However if it is a Tefach then it requires a Mezuzah on both its west and north entrance.


[1] Michaber 286/20

[2] Michaber 286/21

[3] If the pillar is less than a Tefach wide then it never requires two mezuzahs, one by each door. [Pischeiy Shearim 286 as ruled in Michaber 286/20]

[4] Taz 286/12; However if one door remains closed while the other is opened then they need two Mezuzahs. [ibid]

[5] If one door is attached to the pillar, while the other to the side doorpost one is to place a Mezuzah by both sides but with only one blessing. [Pischeiy Shearim 286]

[6] Shach 286/27

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