Sadness due to one’s state of distance from Hashem

Sadness due to one’s state of distance from Hashem:

One is to feel distanced from Hashem due to his sins and the like. On this the verse states “Ata Hu Hashem Elokeinu”, the term Ata means you and represents one who feels close to Hashem. Regarding such a person the verse states “Hu” that he is in truth distance, as Hu means he which is a non-direct term for a person. However, one who feels of himself as Hu, at a distance from Hashem, on him the verse states “Hashem Elokeinu” that Hashem is close to him.[1] This is also expressed in another verse which states “Haloch Yeilech Uvacho”, that if one is in pain and cries due to his distance from Hashem then in the end he will merit “Nosei Meshech Hazara”, to reap the seeds of his Avoda. If however he views himself as close to Hashem, “Bo Yavo Berina”, then on him the verse concludes Nosei Alumosav, that he will not have any seed to reap.[2]


[1] Keser Shem Tov 29

[2] Keser Shem Tov 30

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