Said Kaddish Tiskabel before Uva Letziyon

Question: [Wednesday, 24th Mar Cheshvan, 5781]

If the Chazzan accidentally said kadish tiskabel directly after shmoneh esreh instead of after u’va l’tzion, then what is said after u’va l’tzion? 



In such a case the Chazzan is to say Kaddish Shaleim without Tiskabel after completing Uva Letziyon, just as is done on the night of Purim and Tishe Beav when Kaddish Tiskabel is recited immediately after Shemoneh Esrei and after Ata Kadosh he says Kaddish Shaleim without Tiskabel.

Sources: See Beis Shlomo 1:52; Piskeiy Teshuvos 132 footnote 18; Regarding the night of Purim see: Siddur Admur; M”A 693:1; M”B 693:1; P”M 693 A”A 1; Bigdei Yesha; Siddur Yaavetz; Derech Hachaim; Likkutei Mahrich; Aruch Hashulchan 693:2; Luach Eretz Yisrael [Tukichinsky]

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