Saying a blessing when swallowing a food without chewing

Saying a blessing when swallowing a food without chewing:

One who swallows a food without chewing it is nevertheless required to say a blessing beforehand if his [cheek or] throat will feel the taste of the food and benefit from it.[1] If however, no taste will be felt, then a blessing is not recited even if the food will benefit his stomach.[2]


[1] See Admur 475/25 regarding Matzah “One who swallowed Matzah and did not chew it fulfills his obligation as since his throat received benefit, it is considered eating.”; Rav Elyashvili in Seder Birchas Hanhenin 8 footnote 72

[2] See Admur Seder 7/7 regarding water that no blessing is said unless one is thirsty; Admur Seder 7/8 that a blessing is only said over medicine if it tastes good; Admur Seder 8/11, Luach 8/12 “That tasting alone is not considered benefit” hence implying there must also be taste and swallowing, and taste without swallowing, or swallowing without benefit of taste, does not render a need for a blessing.

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