Saying Ashreiy between Tashlumin prayers

Question: [Thursday, 4th Tishreiy, 5782]

When Davening Shemoneh Esrei a second time after Mincha as Tashlumin for Shacharis, should one recite Ashreiy in between?


Yes, one should recite Ashreiy, however, stipulating that he is not reciting Ashreiy as an obligation but rather as a voluntary reading of verses from scripture.


Explanation: The general law is that whenever one prays two Shemoneh Esrei is back to back, they should be separated with the recital of Ashreiy, in order to pray the second Shemoneh Esrei after words of consolement of Torah. Nonetheless, according to the Zohar, it is not proper to ever recite the Psalm of Ashreiy/Tehilas Ledavid after Mincha or Maariv as an obligation prayer, and rather it is only to be read like one who reads from Scripture. Accordingly, we concluded as above that it is to be said not in a form of obligation

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