Saying Kiddush Levana with a minyan

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Saying Kiddush Levana with a Minyan:

It is permitted to say Kiddush Levana in private.[1] Nevertheless initially one is to strive to say it together with a Minyan, as the King is more beautified when his commands are performed in a public forum.[2] Likewise saying it with a Minyan allows Kaddish to be recited after the conclusion of Kiddush Levana.[3]

In a group of three:[4] If one is unable to recite it with a Minyan one should strive to recite it with at least two other people, for a total of a group of three.[5]



Should one delay saying Kiddush Levana until he has a Minyan available?

Some Poskim[6] rule one is to delay reciting Kiddush Levana without a Minyan if he knows he will have a Minyan later on, prior to the 11th of the month.[7]

Other Poskim[8] however rule if one has a group of three, it is better to say Kiddush Levana at that time rather than delay it until a Minyan is available on a later night, even if the Minyan will be available prior to the 11th.[9]

Other Poskim[10] rule one is not to delay Kiddush Levana at all simply to be able to say it with a Minyan.[11]


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