Saying Meiyn Sheva in a private Minyan


Is Meiyn Sheva recited in a private Minyan that is not taking place in a Shul?[1]

The blessing of Meiyn Sheva is only recited in an established Shul, which is defined as an area in which a Minyan Davens on a constant basis. [This applies even if the Shul does not contain a Sefer Torah.[2]] However, in an area that a Minyan Davens only on mere occasion, such as those that make an occasional Minyan in their home [such as in times of rain], then the blessing of Meiyn Sheva is not to be recited.[3] Nevertheless, those areas that are accustomed to recite Meiyn Sheva even by a Minyan of mere occasion, are not to be protested.[4] [In Yerushalayim, the custom is to recite Meiyn Sheva even by an occasional Minyan taking place in a private home.[5] According to Kabala, every Minyan is to recite Meiyn Sheva irrelevant to where the Minyan is taking place, even if it is a mere one time location.[6] Practically one may not follow this custom unless he practices all of his rulings according to Kaballah.[7]]

A Minyan in the house of an Avel or Chasan:[8] The Minyan that is accustomed to take place in the house of an Avel or Chasan is not considered a set Minyan and hence Meiyn Sheva is not to be recited.

A Set Minyan that will last a few weeks:[9] If a set Minyan will take place in a certain area for a limited amount of time, such as those who make pilgrimage to certain cities and set up a Minyan for a few weeks, then there is an opinion[10] which rules that Meiyn Sheva is to be recited there.[11]




Is a set Shabbos only Minyan to recite Meiyn Sheva?[12]

Yes. Some Poskim[13] write that this applies even if the set Minyan only takes place on Friday night.


Is Meiyn Sheva to be recited by a family Minyan taking place in a Simcha hall, or in the house of one of the Mechutanim?[14]

No. Some[15] however write that if the hall contains a set shul which serves a different Minyan each Shabbos, and it contains a Sefer Torah, then it may be recited.


If a set Minyan has temporarily relocated, is a Meiyn Sheva to be recited in the new temporary location?[16]

Yes. This applies even if they are Davening in the street.


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