Saying Shehechiyanu on two fruits

If one intends to eat two new fruits is he to say Shehechiyanu two times, one time prior to eating each fruit?

Fruits are in front of him:[1] If both fruits are in front of him at the time that he recites Shehechiyanu on the first fruit, then the second fruit is included in the blessing and exempt. This applies even if he does not eat the second fruit at that time.[2]

Fruits not in front of him: If both fruits are not in front of him at the time that he recites Shehechiyanu on the first fruit, then some Poskim[3] rule the second fruit is not included in the blessing and therefore one is to recite a second blessing of Shehechiyanu over the second fruit. This applies even though one intended to eat both fruits at the time of the initial recital of Shehechiyanu, and therefore does not need to repeat the blessing of Haeitz over the second fruit. Other Poskim[4] however leave this matter in question. According to all, one is to initially bring all the fruits in front of him at the time he says Shehechiyanu and hence avoid needing to repeat the blessing according to the above opinions.[5]


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The reason: As the main blessing is said upon seeing the fruit, now although we no longer initially do so, nevertheless, Bedeived it is valid. [ibid]

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