Saying the name Tzeva-os

May one say the name Tzeva-os?[1]

The name Tzevaos is one of the seven names of Hashem that may not be erased.[2] It is permitted to say the name Tzeva-os.[3] [Nevertheless, according to all, when writing the name on an area that may get thrown in the garbage, one is to write Tzeva-os with a dash.]



[1] Sheivet Halevy 9/217; Kinyan Torah 3/110; Mishneh Halachos 13/198; Rebbe in Mamar “Vayehi Baetzem Hayom Hazeh” printed in Hisvadyos 1983 2/850 that the custom is to say Tzeva-os. See also Halichos Shlomo 22 footnote 32; Piskeiy Teshuvos 215/12

Other customs: In Eretz Yisrael some are accustomed to say Tzevakos. [Custom brought in Shevet Halevi ibid]

[2] Michaber 276/9; Rambam Hilchos Yisodei Hatorah 6/2; Gemara Shavuos 35a

[3] The reason: The reason for this is because the name is also used for mundane purposes to refer to the legions of an army. [Rebbe ibid] or because the name is never used alone in the Torah and is always adjacent to another name. [Shevet Halevi ibid; Kinyan Torah ibid]

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