1.       Property of the Levites: The houses of the Levites foiund within their cities may always be redeemed at anytime and return to the owner by Yovel.

2.       Charity: One must give charity to a person who is in need. 

3.       Ribis: One may not lend money to Jew with interest.

4.       Eved Ivri: One may not work his Jewish slave with slave labor. The slave returns to his family by Yovel.

5.       Sold to gentile: If a Jew is sold as a slave to a gentile it is a Mitzvah on his relatives to redeem him.

6.       Idolatry: One may not form idols or build statues. One may not bow on a stone floor

7.       Guard the Shabbos and fear the Mikdash: In conclusion of the Parsha we are commanded to guard the Shabbos fear the Mikdash.

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