Sefer Yehoshua-Chapter 13: The division of the lands to the tribes


Chapter 13: The division of the lands to the tribes


1. The areas that were not conquered:

  • Yehoshua was old and aged in days. Hashem appeared to him and said that he is already old, and much of the land [which he promised Avraham[1]] remains to be conquered. All the areas of the Philistines and Geshuri, and south of Israel remain unconquered. Hashem listed to Yehoshua all the nations and cities, and areas of the land that are yet to be conquered.
  • Instruction to divide the unconquered territories: Hashem promised that he will inherit these lands to the Jewish people [and help them conquer it after Yehoshua passes away[2]] although Yehoshua is to already distribute it now to the tribes.

2. The tribes who received inheritance:

  • The lands are to be divided amongst nine tribes, and half of Shevet Menashe.
  • The verses now list the territories that were already inherited by Reuvein, Gad, and the other half of Menashe.
  • The Jewish people did not conquer the Geshuri and Maachasi nations, and they thus remain amongst Jewish people until this day.
  • The tribe of Levi did not receive any inheritance, as they receive the sacrifices of G-d as an inheritance.
  • The lands inherited to the tribe of Reuvein: Many of the cities of Sichon and Midyan. His western border was the Jordan river.
  • The lands inherited to the tribe of Gad: The area of Yazer and Gilad, and part of the land of Amon, and the northern territory of Sichon. His western border was the Kineret sea.
  • The lands inherited to half of the tribe of Menashe: The entire land of Og and Chavos Yair, which was a total of sixty cities.


[1] Rashi 13:1

[2] Rashi 13:6; Metzudos David 13:6

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