Sefer Yehoshua-Chapter 14: The division of the lands to the tribes and to Kalev


Chapter 14: The division of the lands to the tribes and to Kalev


1. The land is inherited to the nine and a half tribes:

  • The following are the lands that were inherited to the Jewish people by Elazar Hakohen, and Yehoshua Ben Nun, as instructed by Moshe, to the nine and a half tribes.
  • The tribes included Ephraim and Menashe as two separate tribes for inheritance and excluded the Levites.
  • The Levites were given cities, and lands surrounding their cities, as an inheritance.

2. Kalev receives the portion of Chevron:

  • Kalev Ben Yefuneh approached Yehoshua in Gilgal, together with his tribe of Yehuda[1], and asked to be given the portion of Chevron as an inheritance.
  • Kalev recounts Moshe’s promise: He told Yehoshua that at 40 years old he was sent by Moshe to spy the land, and that he remained a faithful servant to Hashem throughout the journey and upon his return. Moshe thereby swore to him that in return for his faithfulness he would receive an eternal portion for him and his family for all generations. Forty-five years had passed since then, and now Kalev at the age of 85 [after seven years of conquering the land[2]] requested to receive the portion.
  • Kalev told Yehoshua that he is as strong as he was originally, 45 years earlier, and that he is able to conquer the city. He therefore asked Yehoshua to be granted the promised mountain of Chevron and all its cities.
  • Yehoshua blessed Kalev [that he be successful in waging battle against Chevron] and handed him [the outskirts and fields of[3]] Chevron as an inheritance. [However, the city itself was an Ir Miklat.[4]] The former name of this city was Kiryat Arba, named after the giant [called Arba[5]].

3. The land rests from war:

  • After [the seven years of conquering[6]], the land rested from war.


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